Sometimes “No” Means “Maybe”

First off, I would again love to thank for featuring my blog on their front page.  Over the three days 2,999 readers stopped by!  I received a lot of great feedback and some great ideas and tips.

And now…how many of you have received the following e-mail: “Thank you for your interest in the___position. Although you have some fine credentials, we have decided to pursue other applicants who more closely meet the position requirements.”  I wish I got a dollar for every time I received one of these automated responses, maybe then I wouldn’t be looking for work!

I know that many might have a folder for the jobs they have applied for but then might delete the job the minute they get the above response.  I am here to tell you, DO NOT DO THAT!  I have shared numerous tips for job searching and one of my tips was to make one big folder in which you have sub folders for such things as your various resumes, cover letters and jobs you have applied to.  Another very important folder is for jobs you have been “rejected” from.  Why?  Because recently I was contacted about a job that I previously received an automated rejection e-mail from.  Thankfully, I still had the job in my “No” folder and was able to pull up the job description!

As employers look through resumes and cover letters they may be given one set of guidelines but as they begin to evaluate the applicants they and the hiring managers may realize that the candidate that is actually out there is quite different, in a good way, from the applicant they envisioned.  Hence, sometimes, “no” means “maybe.”

Create a folder for these maybe opportunities.  That way, when you are contacted, you will be prepared to answer questions about the job at hand.

On a side note: In my efforts to make this blog more reliable and relevant I have reached out to Career Builder in the hopes that I can interview someone.  I have some questions that I would like to ask about resumes, cover letters and the general job search but would love to hear ideas for questions you would like answered by the experts!

What did you do today?


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