Possible Reasons for Why We Are Still Out of Work

It’s a sunny day outdoors but I feel a little down.  Everyone else has a job, why can’t I?  I’ve decided that since it’s “summer” and the majority of the exercising I’ll need to be doing will revolve around running…yes I am training for another half marathon…I will put my gym membership on hold, save some money, and enjoy the outdoors more.

Anyhow…I wrote one entry previously that had to do with reasons why we are “unhireable,” or things we may be doing to shoot ourselves in the foot.  My entry “Possible Reasons for Why You Are Not Getting Hired” talked about things such as: having unreasonable expectations, being scared of rejection and not making the job search our job.

Well, this morning I came across another article that relates to this topic.  The first point does talk about unreasonable expectations again but the rest of the advice gives some new insight.  Here is my take on the following points:

You are relying too much on one technique: I’ve talked a lot about expanding your search to different job boards and networks.  I for one do not use Linkedin as much as I should, so I am planning on dedicating the next few days of my search to looking for jobs through the Linkedin search engine.

You use the word “I” too much in your cover letter: “I” have to say that “I” am at fault for this one as well.  Only two short paragraphs really say how “I” can help the company with my skills.  Perhaps another thing “I” need to dedicate some time to is retooling my cover letters again. You should really focus on how you stand out, how that will allow the company to succeed and what new skills you will bring with you.

You are not demonstrating long-term potential: I suppose this is that always present question of “what do you want to be in 5 years?”  What this means is that you shouldn’t just focus on the possible job at hand but how you can take that job to the next level in the next year or so.  We should try to talk long-term not only in interviews but also in our cover letters.  This is something I have not tried yet so I will let you know how it goes.

You are unknowingly repeating mistakes: Always ask for feedback because for all you know you are making the same mistake over and over again.  I told you that after one set of interviews I asked “what could I have done differently” and was told to engage and smile more.  I am definitely taking that advice and smiling more during interviews.  Just because I am trying to be serious I do not want to seem like I am unapproachable.

Let’s keep fighting and climbing and hoping that one day we will cross the finish line and win over the interviewers!

Read the 7 Little Known Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired article and think about where you can improve on.

What did you do today?


2 thoughts on “Possible Reasons for Why We Are Still Out of Work

  1. I, too, am unemployed while holding an M.B.A. I sometimes wonder if companies fear I will ask too much in salary, and screen me out as a result.

    • Hi Scott,
      Yes, unfortunately I have had this problem. Having an MBA and having had a decent salary seems to immediately disqualify me for some positions. It seems that employers don’t understand that I, and a lot of others, are looking for our next opportunity of growth and not so much that huge salary. If times were different that would be one thing but I would just love to be seen as someone who is looking to learn and use my marketing skills.
      Chin up, Scott! One day we will be back on our feet.

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