Targeting an Audience

I’ve heard too many times about advertisements and coupons that are being sent to all of us that have nothing to do with what our interests are.  Look at Facebook, even they are doing it.  You can’t even close an ad without being asked why you are closing it.  The honest answer?  It’s annoying!

We are all constantly being bombarded with ads that are irrelevant to us and our industries.  Finally, marketers are catching on and realizing that too much marketing may be a bad thing.  The key to success is TARGETING YOUR AUDIENCE.

“The power of your brand relies on the ability to focus.” So what can we do to focus our brand?  Here is my list of the top 5 things you must do to stand out to recruiters and in your general job search.  Take this with a grain of salt as, like many of you, I am learning about these things as I go.  Once I find my next job I will be sure to let you know what “really” worked.  Right now, it’s all just a learning experience.

1. Research, then narrow down your interests. Talk to people and see what industries they are in.  Every business needs a marketer!  After speaking to those people, figure out how your interests fit into those industries.  After you’ve done that, narrow your focus!  You can’t possibly have 100 different resumes and cover letters and have them all be effective.  There has to be some sort of genuine interest on your part in order to gain your audiences attention.

2. Keep business cards! I was recently forwarded a job opening from a company I interviewed with in the past. I’ve taken to keeping all of the business cards I have received, and now have quite the collection, and immediately reached out to the HR recruiter at the company.  She got back to me right away saying she would forward my application to the right people.  Don’t knock the power of networking!

3. Be cordial. I have to say that I am at fault for this as well but make sure to call everyone back!  If you see that it is too late to return a call, at least write a quick e-mail and make sure the recruiters know you are still interested in doing business with them.

4. Tailor communications collateral.  I have previously written about tailoring your cover letters and resumes for certain jobs.  Just like effective marketing you have to tailor your “marketing collateral” to the right people with the right message.

5. Don’t give up, expand. When it looks like one target group isn’t responding, do more research and expand your audience!  However, always do your research!  You don’t want to flood the e-mails of those who in the long run have a very slim chance of helping you.  Target your audience just like you target your collateral.

Don’t be like this very well known designer and not do all of your research.  Does anyone else think of the “Nova” marketing case?

What did you do today?


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