Enjoying Your Time While Unemployed

I have previously talked about the skills you can acquire while you are unemployed through volunteering, taking online classes or working part time.  This past weekend I really saw the payoff from having enough time to train outside and indoors when I ran my second half marathon and finished in less than two hours, shaving ten minutes off my previous time.  I’ve also talked a lot about the certification classes I took to become an Inbound Marketing Professional. But most importantly, you must not fall into a funk!  There are good days and bad days but you should always look past the bad ones.

Well, an article that has just come out from Doostang agrees on these points and also gives some great advice about what not to do while unemployed.

Learn How to Use Different Operating Systems: This point talks about stretching your professional skill set that pertains to your particular industry.  Perhaps after several interviews you’ve noticed the hiring mangers talking about a program you have never used.  What are you waiting for?  Find some free online software and get familiar with it!

Stay in the Know: Now that you have time, read more news.  Just recently I was able to hold a very interesting conversation with a recruiter because we talked about the new IPad and I was able to add some insight I had picked up from news stories.  You don’t want to become dull and sad while you are waiting for your next opportunity.

Work on Body Language: The first impression is often a lasting impression, make sure to perfect your body language, start giving solid handshakes and make sure you work on keeping eye contact!

Get Up On Time: In the winter this was hard to do as there was nothing to get up for other than cold and miserable weather.  Now that it’s spring time I am forced to park on the street where I must move my car by 8am. This helps me to get up and start the day off at the gym, which is what I would do if I was employed. Find a routine that would work for you!

Grow Existing Relationships: Networking won’t work if you don’t build on the relationships you’ve built. Check in on your connections and don’t forget about them when you are employed.

Read more about the article titled: Skill Building-Taking Advantage of the Time Between Jobs.

What did you do today?


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