Part Time Work, Not as Bad as it Gets

I’ve talked a lot about volunteering and how it can allow you to add skills to your resume as well as another “job” on your resume.  This time I’d like to talk about part time work. It shouldn’t solely be viewed as something that will fill your time but also a new way to connect to new people who may have an “in” in an industry you are interested in.

So far the two part time jobs I’ve held since graduating with my bachelors haven’t been anything glamorous.  However, I have met people who I still keep in touch with and who have kept me in touch with openings within their companies.  Not too shabby!  One day I hope to return the favor and put them in touch with someone I know.  The point is, people who work part time aren’t always undergrads, retirees, or…unemployed.

An article I read from Doostang highlights these same points. The big point it makes is about creating a smoother transition from no work to full time work and getting more experience.  Read through the Why You Should Consider Part-Time Work article and see if you agree with me and the Doostang team.

P.S. I had posted this article earlier on Jobs.Ideas.Networking, check out some other links I posted.

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