The 5 P’s of the Job Search.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! I hope you enjoyed a great and sunny Wednesday and got a chance to have a drink outdoors before we get more rain.

Today being Cinco de Mayo I decided to focus on my 5 P’s of the job search.  I hope you find them helpful and I look forward to hearing about any other “P’s” you can think of.

1. Place– Find a place/social network/job board that you feel will reap the biggest rewards.  As you might remember, I listed several job board sites that I personally am a fan of as well as social media outlets that allow you to network with those in your industry or interest areas.

2. Profile– Once you’ve identified the sites that will provide the most use for you, make sure to create a profile.  Remember, this profile should give the hiring managers an idea of who you are and what skills you have to offer.

3. Promotion– Promote your brand!  If you have a blog or a social profile, then promote it!  Offer interesting content so that others get to know you and see that you are a smart and savvy individual.

4. People– Attract the right people and groups!  This goes hand in hand with Promotion.  You need to make sure you target the people you think could help you get ahead.  Doing this means you need to target your content.  For example, I try to push you guys to learn as much about social media as possible…guess what, social media is something that I would love to utilize in my next job so through promoting it I am hoping it peaks someones interest in me and my knowledge of it.

5. Payoff– Enjoy the pay off of the hard work you’ve done of marketing yourself!  It’s time consuming and exhausting at times but in the end I am sure it will all pay off…and if not, hopefully you’ll have learned new skills if nothing else.

What did you do today?

4 thoughts on “The 5 P’s of the Job Search.

  1. Hi Linda-

    Still no luck on my job search, but have a few interesting prospects coming up. Thinking about making a permanent switch to higher education so I’m excited about the possibility! Anyway, I was looking around at some different sites for some inspiration and came across this one: Has some interesting tips and different websites I hadn’t seen before. Thought it may be of some interest to you. Good luck with your search!

    • Thank you so much, Bridgette. I entertained the idea of teaching as well but can’t make that plunge financially. I will have to check out the site you mentioned.
      Hope things get easier!

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