What is Your Biggest Weakness?

Summer weather is finally here!  I am so thrilled to wear my summer clothes again…for a few days there I was wondering if I should take one last ski trip up north.

How did you like the guest post about Informational Interviews by my friend Sai? I thought the tips were very helpful and I know I would always wonder, “is this a job interview?  Should I ask about openings?”  Thank you Sai for giving us a little more insight!

Speaking of interviews, I came across an article which directly addressed the “weakness” question. I think we could all use help with knowing how to answer this question without looking like we are either feeding the interviewer BS or making ourselves look like we are unprepared for some major part of the job.

The article states, “Employers are looking for stand-outs in the interview process. Knock-em-deads who bring new ideas to the table and address problems with creativity and confidence. Hence, the individual who answers an interview question with a cliché fails on that count.”

With the employers being the buyers of us, the product, they know full well that products have some failures.  Don’t say that you have no weaknesses.  If that answer doesn’t bite you in the butt now, it may later.  Instead, focus on a genuine weakness that you have perhaps taken ways to fix. For example, if you are known to juggle lots of work and projects and have previously had a hard time working through all of them, you should talk about how you have implemented a new way of being organized.  However, don’t talk about being late and hence you have three alarms set up in your bedroom.

At the end of the day, just be yourself and come prepared.  That’s all you can do!

Read more about Outmanning the Weakness Question on the Doostang site.  And in case you didn’t know, it’s Networking week so get out there and network!

Well, I am off to sunny Florida this weekend so I will not be writing tomorrow or Monday.  Thank you all for a another big day yesterday.  82 of you logged on!

Have a wonderful summery weekend and what did you do today?


One thought on “What is Your Biggest Weakness?

  1. man liekas vareja uzrakstiit vel kadu piemeru

    as kadreiz es nemaku pateik ne, un man vajadzetu iemaciities delegeet, dalju no sava darba citiem
    ja man darba kaut kas neiet loti uztraucos, kaut gan zinu, ieprieksh es katreiz atradu ispaju visu paveikt

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