The New Age Job Search

I know that I’ve talked about social media, networking and using outlets other than Career Builder and LinkedIn to find your next job.  Well, in my research I’ve come across a great article that talks about the seven social media secrets.

The writer, Dan Schawbel, says that applying through the traditional job boards should only consume 10% of your time, the other 90% should be spent on doing the following:

1. Conduct a People Search Instead of a Job Search: According to Dan, and I agree, hiring managers already have a list of employee referrals they need to weed through before they even look at the applications from people who have applied on line and in addition, 80% of the jobs are taken through networking.
Here is the 3-step people search:
1. Identify the top five companies that you would like to work for.
2. Use search engines to track employees that currently work there.
3. Connect with the person directly.

2. Use Attraction-Based Marketing to Get Job Offers: “The traditional way of searching for a job was proactive, forcing you to start a job that you might not have enjoyed.  The new approach is about building a powerful personal brand and attracting job opportunities directly into your doorstep.”  Dan says that to achieve this you need to become a content producer instead of a content consumer.  His best idea of doing this is to create a blog and center it around your expertise and passions.  I guess I can check that off, but what about all these jobs that are supposed to be on my doorstep?

3. Be Proactive on Twitter: In order to be taken seriously, and be successful, you need to first complete your profile on Twitter.  Make sure to have a short bio and contact info where a recruiter or hiring manager can contact you.

4. Capitalize on LinkedIn: I have already talked about the great powers of LinkedIn in my previous entry, Lead Generation Via LinkedIn, and this article confirms my beliefs.  Recruiters are using LinkedIn because, like Craigslist, it’s free and the top professionals are on there.  Make sure to get a recommendation “which will give you a ‘1’ next to a ‘thumbs up’ graphic when people search for you.”

5. Advertise Your Brand Using AdWords and Facebook Social Ads: Before you plan on running an ad make sure you have a landing page, such as your blog. Facebook Social Ads are more word-of-mouth friendly because they will travel through the news feed.  I have to say, I’ve never thought of making an ad about myself…maybe it’s something to consider.

6. Construct a Video Resume and Upload it to YouTube: “A search for ‘video resume’ on YouTube will give you over 13,700 results…A good video resume is short, describes the value you can contribute to a given position, explains why you’re the best person for the job and talks about your background in a story-like format.”

7. Subscribe to Blogs That Have Job Listings: “This targeting will save you from hours of searching and help escort you to jobs that you’d actually want.”

I thought I’d just give you a short synopsis of the 7 secrets but you should read the whole article by Dan Schawbel about his 7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media.

Looking for some other interesting tips?  Check out my Facebook group Jobs.Ideas.Networking for how you can use typical dating advice and put it towards landing your next job!

Have a fantastic weekend and…what did you do today?


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