Spring Searching

Spring is really in the air today!  I’m sitting here in the kitchen with my coffee and the Today show on.  I’m in love with my kitchen as it has a huge window that overlooks the front lawn that is home to tulips of all colors and lilacs that remind me of my grandfathers house.

It’s amazing what a day at home can do.  I was so happy to be out of my part time job at 11am yesterday and thought that I would have a lovely day all to myself.  Unfortunately, I remembered all too quickly what having a day all to myself meant, being bored.  I am now more grateful than I was before that I do have a part time job to keep me at least somewhat occupied.  In the evening I decided to go for a walk and get myself back into my happy mood that I had earlier in the day.  I also checked out my friend Sailaja’s blog and found it interesting that we both wrote about things we have or plan to accomplish while we are out of work.

This morning on the other hand has started off in a great way.  I went out and ran a little over 7 miles, bought myself some groceries and finally Swiffered my room and the kitchen.  My big plan is to apply to a few more jobs and clean my car.  Speaking of job searching, I’ve decided to give a list of my favorite job boards again:

Monster: I’ve been using Monster a lot lately.  I had a sour taste in my mouth earlier this year about the site because the majority of the jobs were being posted by third parties but they’ve really cleaned up their act.

Craigslist: Yes, it IS possible to find a good job through Craigslist.  I’ve had a couple of call backs and even an interview come out of searching on here.  Companies don’t need to pay to post their jobs on here and hence you will come across some postings that you may not on Monster or Career Builder.

LinkedIn: I think it’s quite a bit tougher to find jobs on LinkedIn but the big advantage is that a lot of the times you are writing directly to the HR director!

Career Builder: Same deal as Monster, but I really only check out what Career Builder has when they send me my weekly job search results.  I do have to say that I was happy that I found Career Builder on Facebook.

Start Up Hire: This is a job site for those who are more into the entrepreneurial spirit.  The site mostly lists jobs in start up companies.

LinkUp: I still love this site.  You need to check it out for yourself and see it for all its glory.  One thing I’m not entirely sure about though, is why when you try to log in it says it will pull all of your info from yahoo or whichever search engine you are e-mailing from.

So thanks to this lovely sunny day I will make a good lunch, clean my car, look for jobs and hope that one day I’ll not only have the white picket fence but also the tulips along side it!

What did you do today?

2 thoughts on “Spring Searching

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