Don’t Let Your Resume Fall Flat!

We all know that we can fudge up during an interview but let’s avoid falling flat prior to even setting foot in the office.

Liz Ryan, a career expert, who writes articles for talks about 10 Phrases That Can Sink Your Resume.  I’ve talked about using key words to get your resume more visibility when it gets to the HR folks, as well as some key phrases to use instead of others.

Here are some phrases NOT to use:

Results-Oriented Professional
Excellent Team Player
Bottom Line Orientation
Superior Communications Skills
Possess Organizational Skills
Savvy Business Professional
Strong Work Ethic
Meets or Exceeds Expectations
Strong Presentation Skills
Seeking a Challenging Opportunity

It’s not to say that these are bad phrases, they are simply overused and very generic. Who wouldn’t say that they are seeking a challenging opportunity and possess organizational skills?  Take a look at Liz’s article to get some new ideas about what wording you could use instead and in turn stand out of the resume crowd!

What did you do today?


3 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Resume Fall Flat!

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