Recruiters: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I’d like to start today by saying that I think every one of us should be working with a recruiter, they are a great resource and provide you with another set of eyes.  When you may not have the time to look for work one week, they do.

The Good: Recruiters, as I mentioned above, are a great resource. They have connections to companies that you either may not even know about or have put on your wish list but simply can’t get in the door to. Recruiters have built a relationship with these companies and with their help you have a much better chance of landing a job whether it is a contract or full time position.

The Bad: There are different types of recruiting agencies. Some focus on contract positions which may not be the best fit for you but you should still try as the contract position may turn into a full time job.  The other drawback is that some agencies can only help you out with the companies that you have not applied to. This is due to the fact that companies pay these agencies to find candidates and if you have already applied for a position within the company then your resume is already on file.  This is a real drawback as you are asked by the recruiter to make a “dream list” of companies you’d like to work in.  Well…with the economy as it is, I’m sure all of us have applied at least one if not more times to the same “dream” company.

The Ugly: From my experience, recruiters have a lot going on, as do the HR departments in the various companies.  I have come across a number of mix ups about phone interview times and actual interview times.   There is nothing you can do put apologize, tell your side of the story and hope for the best when you’ve been told to come in at one time but the hiring manager was expecting you at another.  It is very disheartening when we all try so hard to put our best foot forward and make ourselves be seen as professional people and then have to explain that you were told to come in at one time and everyone else says you are an hour late.

So what is my overall take away?  You should absolutely use and connect with recruiters but make sure to double and triple check the time of the interview.  I have never felt more embarrassed when I had to explain a mix up in interview times and only had 10 minutes to meet with hiring manager.

Go out and enjoy the day before we get hit by the cold front.  Don’t forget to reach out to a recruiting agency.

What did you do today?


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