Lead Generation via LinkedIn

I hope that the previous entry helped guide some of you.  Today I wanted to talk about lead generation through LinkedIn.  Once again, I am primarily going to use Hubspot’s resources for this entry.

There are so many parts to LinkedIn that I am sure many of us have not even looked into. As Hubspot puts it, LinkedIn is a “Great Gen-Lead Tool.”

As with any other social media networking outlet, especially one that is work related you should be careful about what kinds of “status” updates you put up. Don’t spam your connections.  The following tips will not only help you generate leads but should also help you expand your network and maybe get connected to new folks who may help you land your next dream job!

1. Create a LinkedIn Group: Why not start a group for all your fellow or local friends who are in a similar industry.  Start off with some topics that will create a conversation.  Perhaps there are some new laws that have come out or if you are in the airline industry I’m sure a big topic of conversation could be the new $30-$45 fee that Spirit Airlines is charging for bags you stow overhead!  I even started a Facebook group about it.

2. Use LinkedIn’s Direct Ads: This is something I have not used or seen yet so this is what Hubspot suggests: “This is a new feature on LinkedIn and is still in beta. It allows you to push relevant ads to targeted demographics in the entire LinkedIn subscriber base. It’s very similar to ad targeting in Facebook or Google’s AdWords.”

3. Answer Questions on LinkedIn: If you don’t want to make a group then why not join ones that are already on the site and make sure to comment and add your own questions.  This will build up your credibility and will link you to new folks quicker than just sitting back and reading what others are saying.

4. Integrate LinkedIn into your Marketing: If you happen to be doing a presentation, or blog like me, then urge people to link up to you via LinkedIn.

I hope you go back and check out LinkedIn and add me to your network 🙂  Let’s help each other!

What did you do today?

I can’t help but end this post with a lovely photo of the beach!


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