Social Media 101

Let’s start off this week with some basic advantages of social media.  I think I heard the most interesting case yet while listening to Hubspot’s Inbound University classes.

During the planning of how to unveil the Harry Potter theme park, the marketing manager in charge of marketing the idea was told to do anything necessary to get the word out.  Instead of going about marketing the park the traditional way she instead set up a midnight session for the top 7 Harry Potter bloggers.  In roughly 24 hours those 7 turned into 350 million!  THAT is the power of social media!  Here is another story about the global campaign launch for Harry Potter World.

So how do you get all this “buzz” going?  The CMO of Virgin America, Porter Gale, talks about some simple steps to use inbound marketing.

1. Select Your Target Customer and Grok Them:  You will get nowhere if you don’t do your research and don’t know who your target customer is.  These are the people you want to make sure are happy about the content you are putting out and who are then sharing it with their friends.  All of those friends are possibly returning to your site and generating leads for you and helping you identify some key words.

2. Create Buzz Worthy Experiences: This point talks more to the content aspect of pulling in your audience.  You want to create content that will be interesting to you particular audience.  Talking about yourself and your product will not create a unique or interesting experience.  Shut the door on your ego and talk TO you audience not AT it.

3. Connect Don’t Market: Point 3 talks to point 2. You need to make sure to connect with your audience before you begin to sell them on your product. More than likely…the reason they are following your Tweets or blog is probably because they like your brand. Don’t turn them off by hitting them over the head with product information.

4. Leverage Partnerships: Now that you have made some progress and have some visitors leverage these relationships.  Keep creating interesting content on a consistent basis.

I’d like to take this moment to thank all of you for making yesterday the second highest visited day!

I promise to keep writing relevant content!

What did you do today?


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