Possible Reasons for Why You Are Not Getting Hired

Yesterday I posted a link on my Facebook group page about a free webinar that is happening today about 5 secrets to uncovering the hidden job market with Kevin Kermes.  He will gladly send you a copy of his slides if you are not able to attend, but be sure to leave your e-mail address.  You should also take a look at the comment my friend JoAnne left in response to yesterdays post.  The comment addresses her take on the “What is your 5 year plan” question.

To piggy back off the initial topic I would also like to share three reasons for why we may not be getting hired.  These are off the Doostang blog.

1. You Have Unreasonable Expectations: It’s a hard pill to swallow that my previous experience along with my MBA degree will not get me the high paying job that I was promised when the economy was good.  I have lowered my expectations and realize that companies are going back to the lean machine and know that if I don’t, someone else will take the salary they are offering.  This is a little like the skills many require, you may not have 5 out of 5 but the guy behind you does…you may not want to get paid less than amount X, but the guy behind you has lowered his expectations and is willing to accept X.  Just really weigh your options before you say “no” to a lower salary or job that may be a little below you.  Perhaps you’ll be able to learn new skills that you did not have before.

2. You’re Scared of Rejection: This goes against what I wrote before and I rectified that.  I agree that you shouldn’t pigeon hole yourself into one type of job or one industry.  So what if someone says “no” to you, at least you tried.  Go ahead and apply to the jobs you may be under qualified for but are genuinely interested in.  Sometimes your interest and enthusiasm will get your further than someone else.

3. You’re Not Making the Job Search Your Job: It’s true, this is a full time job. There are times when you need to take a day or more off but at the end of that day make goals for yourself and meet them.  I have said  before that a goal for me may be to apply to 10 jobs in a week…it’s time to meet that goal.

The weather is awful so set some goals for your job search.

What did you do today?  Did you meet your goal?


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