Always be Ready to Interview

I’m not gonna lie, this morning I woke up feeling grumpy. Partly because it’s Monday, partly because we are in the middle of yet another multi day rain storm and partly because I am still only partly employed.

But, friends and loved ones are what keep my head up sometimes.  This morning I got an e-mail from my friend Sai.  She mentioned to me that Good Morning America did a segment on job interviews and the common questions that can trip you up.  Some of these I’ve covered but others I am glad to have finally a pointer about.

1. Tell me about yourself: Your answer should reflect your professional side and it should directly tie into the position you’re seeking. Sell yourself for his particular job by highlighting that you have the skills the role requires.

2. What is your greatest weakness:  As of late I’ve gotten a different version of this question, asking about the worst part about my latest job.  Since I really don’t have anything bad to say I simply talk about a project that may have been tough to complete but that in the end I succeeded at it.

3. What do you know about us: This might be a tough question especially if all you’ve done is focus on how you will answer the “how do I qualify” questions.  Recently I was a little caught off guard by a very similar question but I would hope that I recovered well by talking about my knowledge of a good competitor and how the two companies differ.  Be prepared for anything!

4. What is your five year plan: This article mentions that you should talk about how you will grow with the company at hand.  Which I agree with…but it makes me wonder if employers who say that the five year plan can be anywhere, not necessarily in their company are simply throwing you a curve ball.

5. How do you handle high pressure moments:  The answer should give a specific anecdote.  If you are looking for your first job then tell a story about a time when you were preparing for exams or working on a big capstone project.

I hope these tips will help you this week and look on the brighter side of life.

What did you do today?


4 thoughts on “Always be Ready to Interview

  1. Hi Linda. With the 5-year plan question, I like to say something that purveys longevity and commitment, but in a personal way. In 5 years, I hope to have built trust and credibility amongst my colleagues. I hope that I’m growing personally and professionally, and that I’m challenged but motivated to find creative solutions. I hope to see measurable, valuable results from my contributions! I want to be relied upon as an expert in my field….

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