A Splash of Social Media

Thanks again, guys!  Yesterday I got the highest readership ever, 69 people!  I truly appreciate your support.  I guess when you really apply yourself to something you get rewarded.  I am so glad that all of this is paying off and I’m positive that 6 months ago I would not have been able to apply to the jobs I’m applying to now because I didn’t have the social media experience.

And…speaking of social media experience, I am constantly trying to learn more. My brother is working at a company in the San Francisco area and is very well versed in SEO so I asked him to send me some information that I will share with you.  I also received a great comment from Christina Inge from the American Marketing Association, who suggested I check out Hubspot’s Inbound Univeristy.

Let’s begin:

The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization was a very helpful tool and I have to thank my brother for the link.  For those of us who have a very vague understanding of this new way of making sure our websites, blogs, or any other applications are actually doing what they are supposed to will walk away with feeling a lot more confident about Search Engine Optimization.

Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University provides 16 webinar courses.  Those who take the courses and pass the Inbound Marketing Certification Exam become Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals! Best part?  It’s free! Talk about stretching your skill set!

Last week Hubspot also hosted another webinar, this time about the Science of ReTweets.  I was unable to listen to the live webinar but the above link is just as useful. The webinar talks about the most ReTweeted words and most interestingly that “Bit.ly” is a lot more ReTweetable than “TinyURL.” Who knew!  Follow the link and find out which topics are ReTweeted more by males and which are ReTweeted by females.

While browsing my Twitter account I came across a very interesting blog which was…ReTweeted!…by my former colleague Rob Gould of the Via Group.  The blog talks about how social media has come in like a lion into the world of marketing and how its aftershock will destroy traditional marketing practices.  Read The Social Media After Shock Will Destroy Business as Usual and other related social media articles on the New Comm Biz site or simply follow the posts on Twitter or Facebook.

Lastly, visit my Facebook group: “Jobs.Ideas.Networking.” for other useful links I may not have put up on the blog.  I’m looking for more followers 🙂

I hope these links will teach you more about what you may not have known about social media and SEO. I am going to start learning about Inbound Marketing and hope to get my Inbound Marketing Professional Certification soon!

If you don’t get around to much today, at least enjoy this 60 degree day!  Maybe you could even grill something.

What did you do today?


4 thoughts on “A Splash of Social Media

  1. Hello,

    I have been reading your blog posts and been pretty helpful. I think you had mentioned that you are from Boston, are you looking only for jobs in that area or are you open to relocation? What type of marketing jobs are you looking for?

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