Back to Short Term Goals

First of all, this first part is directed

all of you who read my blog. Thank you all SO much.  I watched my readership dropping and was beginning to wonder if my material was beginning to become stale. However, yesterday I was VERY pleasantly surprised when 59 of you logged on to read my posts! Thank you so much!  I welcome any advice about topics you want me to cover.

On to short-term goals.  The above made me realize that these types of things are what make me happiest. I got my part-time job in the fashion world but was still wondering…ok, what now?  I’m still unemployed in my eyes.

I urge you to focus on your short-term goals today.  You might want to begin by eating some foods that relieve stress.  Not too surprising, chocolate is one of them.  Here are some suggestions for goals you may want to focus on:

1. Order some business cards from Vista print.  Make some that you will be able to use even when you are employed.

2. Perhaps you need to get back to cooking.  Look up a new recipe on the foodnetwork or for some healthier recipes, visit Fitness Magazine’s site.

3. Speaking of Fitness Magazine, I read a great article in the March issue about how with the rise of unemployment, gym membership rates have increased, so go ahead and keep up that exercise routine and now with warmer weather you don’t need to spend your pretty pennies.  Go for a run or walk around the Charles!

4. Get a new book that relates to your industry and plan to read a chapter today. I hope to be halfway through my book, Outliers, by the end of this week.

5. Plan to apply to 10 jobs this week.  I know that today I will be drafting up another resume that shows off my retail and marketing experience so I can expand my job search.

The sun is shining again so lets tackle our short-term goals and feel good about having accomplished something!

What did you do today?


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