Career Fairs and Interviews

I have yet to go to a career fair, mostly this is due to the fact that the career fairs that are held at Suffolk University are for those looking for a job in finance or accounting.  Today I got an e-mail about a career fair in Boston that will finally have companies looking for people in advertising and marketing industries as well as consumer products!

Now that there’s a career fair to attend I can’t help but think about what interview tips I should focus on.  Karen Burns from US News highlights the 50 Worst of the Worst (and Most Common) Job Interview Mistakes.  Here are the top 10 that I will always keep in mind:

1. Bad mouthing your last boss.
2. Forgetting the name of the person you are interviewing with.
3. Failing to research the employer in advance.
4. Failing to demonstrate enthusiasm.
5. Being unable to explain how your strengths and abilities apply to the job in question.
6. Failing to make a strong case for why you are the best person for this job. –> Don’t forget to mention this in your cover letter too!
7. Asking too many questions.
8. Asking no questions at all!
9. Talking more than half the time.
10. Interrupting your interviewer.

Speaking of numbers 7 and 8…are you prepared to answer the most common questions?  This is another “top 50” mistake.  Here are 10 tricky questions (visit the site for the answers).

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Tell me something bad you’ve heard about our company.  (I would slightly disagree with the answer.  Perhaps the company’s ability to become more green is being questioned, tell them that you are very interested in seeing how things pan out with combating this issue and hence would love to work here and see how you can help as well.)
3. Why should I hire you?
4. Where do you see yourself in five years? (Personally, I think this is such a weird question…for me, five years ago I would not have said “I see myself unemployed”)
5. How would you react if I told you your interview so far was terrible?
6. What’s the last book you read?
7. Can you work under pressure?
8. Who’s your hero? (Again, I really wonder how this is at all relevant to an interview, unless they expect you to say that your hero is the founder of the company…)
9. Have you ever considered starting your own business?
10. If you won the lottery, would you still work?

Good luck out there!  My goal is to apply to 10 jobs today and then head in to my part time job.  I hope you have a fruitful job hunt.

What did you do today?


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