Part Time Work

We are back to gloomy weather but I hope your spirits are still up.

Today I started my part time job and I love it.  It’s retail, it’s fashion, it’s LOFT! That is the newly re-branded name of Ann Taylor Loft.

My parents and I don’t seem to see eye to eye on this one but here are my reasons for part time employment.

1. First and foremost, any extra cash I cam make on top of unemployment will actually allow me to save money.

2. When I began looking for part time jobs after being laid off my big challenge was that I had been in corporate America to long and didn’t have any “relevant” experience and was simply over qualified. Thankfully the Loft took a chance on me and I plan on keeping this job even after I find full time employment because if I am in this situation again, I will have recent and relevant retail experience.

3. I am stretching my skill set. There have been a number of companies that I have been interested in that were looking for visual merchandisers and I could only stretch my current skills so much…but at the end of the day I had not worked in a true retail environment since my days at Abercrombie 9 years ago!

4. It’s fashion!  How can I dislike that?

So as I begin applying to today’s batch of jobs I can broaden my searches.   My last words…each job is what you make of it and even part time work can pay off in your full time work search.

What did you do today?

2 thoughts on “Part Time Work

  1. I created a customized presentation for a printer on how their sales people can optimize their use of LinkedIn! And, I helped my fish market manage its facebook fan page. If I get my butt in gear, I can make a living off of social media and tell the DUA to take a long walk short pier… I think I’m on to something.

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