Spring has Sprung!

With everyone having been cooped up for the last few months I bet this week has been a true blessing.  I’ve finally begun allowing myself to enjoy this time to myself so I decided that today’s posting will focus on ideas for what you can do now that the sun is out!

This is one of my favorite activities, Lilac Sunday.  This takes place at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain.  This year it’s on May 9th.  The times I have gone it’s been a bit crazy with all the people.

The next place is a hidden jewel in the heart of Kendall Square.  You would never think that there would be a serene park in this area but all you have to do is go to the parking lot next to the Marriott, take the elevator to the 6th floor and you will be surprised by what you see.  This would be a perfect weekend to visit Cambridge Center’s Roof Garden.

Rockport is another favorite spot for me.  I have gone here by myself or with others.  I always make sure to visit Helmut’s Strudel Shop right before the end of the main street as it meets the ocean.

If you want to take in the weather and sun around the city just pop into L’Aroma Cafe on Newbury street.  Keep in mind that during the weekends it may be rather tough to find a table outside.

All in all, enjoy the 70 degree weather this weekend and we’ll all get back to job searching next week.

Now it’s time to do some spring cleaning, what did you do today?


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