Cover Letters 101

I just had to add in another entry before this weekend.  I had a question posed to me on one of my networks about cover letters and I just happened to received an e-mail regarding the elements of a “perfect” cover letter.

I cannot take credit for the following tips, they were written by Rob McGovern of Jobfox:

The name of the position you are applying for. Your resume may end up in a resume pile, and recruiters need to be able to draw context. It will also help them when they electronically retrieve your resume months from now.

The contributions you’ll make in the job. Don’t talk about you–talk about what you can do for them. They’re hiring to solve a problem, and you need to be the solution.

Tell them why they should hire you. This is your chance to show enthusiasm, not for yourself, but rather your interest in working for the company.

Highlight one or two accomplishments. Ideally this should connect you to the job opening. For example, you could say that you were a key team member on a similar project, or that you’ve increased sales at your previous company.

The follow-up steps you will take. For example, “I’ll call you later this week to answer your questions.” This shows your commitment and respect for the process.

A good cover letter should be 3 or 4 paragraphs, and it should be perfect. This means every comma, quotation mark, grammatical usage, document format, letter format, and font choice is absolutely right.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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