In need of more resume tips? You can never have too many!

I am so happy that the sun is out!

However, this morning I was greeted with the unpleasantness that is the wind tunnel of Summer street in South Boston.  I was on my way to the Westin Hotel so I could volunteer at The Ad Club’s Mag Day.  You should check out some of the Tweets from the event, I especially enjoyed learning about “Magazines: Two Years from Now.”  Wired Magazine’s Chris Anderson talked about some very interesting future plans about the use of the new iPad and entering the new realm of reading magazines.

One other thing I was thrilled about was that I made a new networking connection!  As we all helped out with laying out the magazines I chatted with a woman who asked me where I worked.  I told her a brief synopsis of my situation and she suggested some companies to look into, one that I’ve already applied to.

This leads me to the following article: The 30 Second Resume.

I know that I need to work on perfecting my pitch but this article is a great start.  Basically, the article says that you need to know what you want, don’t beat around the bush about places you’ve applied to where you’d like to be maybe, etc.  Cut to the chase!  You should mention a few qualities as to why you would be good in such a job. Ask them if they know anyone in a company you have applied to or if they know of a company who is hiring.  And most importantly, stay in touch.  I certainly plan on touching base with my new contact as soon as I finish writing this blog entry.

The second article talks about the length of a resume.

I had always heard one page was the most popular…I agree, but only if you are just out of school.  For the time being I am going to stick to two pages (this also most definitely depends on what industry you are in).  You may have more experience than that but I think that in this case you should have different versions of your resume.  You may not want to highlight the same experiences for a retail job as you would for a branding job.  I not only have about 4 templates for cover letters but also two resumes.

What did you do today?

2 thoughts on “In need of more resume tips? You can never have too many!

  1. Hi Linda,
    Dropped by to see what you’re up to and linked to the cover letter advice which was very good! I have some cover letters to write and I just can’t seem to get those messages through to my brain enough, so it’s good to reinforce that wisdom.
    I wish I knew a professional business-like way to say: “If you invite me in for an interview you will love me!”
    I wanted to also ask if there is a way to write to you “offline” or if the comments can be hidden.
    I am not into marketing, but have seen some marketing jobs, and wanted to bring one to your attention without it being broadcast on your blog. Also, do you have work experience prior to getting your MBA (ie, time between your undergraduate degree and your MBA)?

    ps I also tweak my resume for each and every job, and customize my cover letters for each job. I usually put the cover letter down for a day and re-read it the next day before sending it. It’s amazing what a difference a day can make in finding a better phrase or word so you feel really good about the letter, and know you did your very best.

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