The pains of unemployment

As I sit here watching the foodnetwork I am feeling very blah. This weekend was great, I got to see my parents and Monday there was NO time for “the Mundays.”  I had an interview which I am really crossing my fingers went well.  You know that feeling?  You think it went great but there is nothing you can do to find out right away!  The fact that I am really hoping I get this job doesn’t make searching for other jobs easy, because I don’t want any other jobs! I’m ready for the stars to align!

However, I would enjoy if my unemployment checks actually came on time.  Last week I called the unemployment office, waited for about an hour on the phone, in order to talk to a live person and not some robot.  The reason was that I needed to extend my benefits.  It seemed like everything was set, I checked online later and saw that I had an extension.  However when I filed this Sunday I was told by the robot that my benefits had expired. Not true.  I figured I would give it the two days and see if the check showed up anyway, which it did not.  I have now called and after waiting for about another half an hour should apparently be all set.  But who knows.

Why does this process have to be so painful?  I mean, government employees have got it made!  I understand that with so many people on unemployment it must be super busy but how is it that every time I deal with this process it’s like throwing yourself against a wall?

I think it’s high time to get out of the house and enjoy this lovely Tuesday before the snow showers set in!

If nothing else, I plan on finishing my book by the end of this week.

What did you do?


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