You can never be over prepared…

I get job and general updates on a daily basis and lately they are all revolving around interviews and how one can prepare to ace them.  I think it would only be fair to share them with all of you.

The first two come from the Communications Jobs site:
* Mistakes that Could Ruin Your Interview talks about arriving late or too early, getting too friendly with the hiring manager and talking about previous work experiences that may not have been all that great.
* Three Tricky Interview Styles and How to Ace Them goes into some detail about behavioral, case study and stress test types of interviews.

These next few tips are in regards to resume writing:
* Sell Me- Don’t Tell Me says that you should focus on making yourself stand out through your resume.  Instead of just talking about what you did, highlight your accomplishments.
* Writing Resumes and Cover Letters-Words and Phrases to Avoid is a really great article that I suggest everyone reads.  Among other things, it gives sample words that one should avoid when writing their resume or cover letter; such as aggressive, creative, determined and others.  I know I’m going to go through my resume and tweak it!  The article also mentions not forgetting about key words which I talked about in an earlier posting.

I wish you luck!  I am on to a quick visit to California to visit my parents…here’s to 9 hours in planes and airport terminals!

What did you do today?


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