Tips to surviving the second interview!

Welcome to Tuesday!  I hope your job search is coming along.  As someone who is also searching I feel as though I’ve hit a wall and have been running into the same jobs over and over again.  Maybe this is a week to explore your other hobbies and get back at it next week, when it will be the beginning of a new month!

For those of you who are interviewing, congratulations!  I hope you are getting through the interviews swimmingly and if you are moving on with the interview process and are crossing your fingers for a certain job then lets talk about some next steps.  I know I gave you a couple of links to some sites that give no no’s while job hunting and other tips.  Today I’d like to continue that and share some other tips I have seen, especially ones that have to do with second interviews!

* If you have time, take a drive to the place of the interview to make sure you know where it is and how long it takes to get there.  Don’t forget that maybe the company has moved locations so the directions on the website may not be the ones you should rely on.  Check with your point of contact so you don’t get lost!

* First and foremost, we all know to look well put together before an interview.  Career Rookie gives great advice on What NOT to Wear for an interview.

* The same site talks about Making a Good First Impression.  It only takes about 20 seconds for someone to make up their mind about you!

* There are dozens of questions you may be asked regarding your background, your future and your weaknesses.  Take time to prepare so you aren’t caught off guard.  The following site gives sample questions for a number of different fields.

* Second interviews are a fantastic accomplishment!  Pat yourself on the back.  I’ve looked into some sites that give tips about making a good impression during your second interview and found the following tips very helpful.  Quint Careers talks about the do’s and dont’s of second interviews such as being prepared for more behavioral questions and knowing what to do if you are taken out to lunch.

Good luck out there!

Now I’m off to get the Outliers book by Malcolm Gladwell and learn about how it’s very hard for someone to become a Bill Gates and how your upbringing really does have a lot to do with who you become.

What did you do?


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