What are YOUR key words?

I decided to create a facebook group today for all unemployed marketers out there.  I will pull from this blog and other sources to keep the content fresh and up to date.  While looking for new ideas I came across an article talking about how one should use key words to their advantage.  Here is a link to the article and the excerpt I found most interesting.   What did you do today?

How to use keywords effectively

Step 1: Create your keyword list

Look at 3 job descriptions for the position you’re seeking and note the “must haves.” From this list, identify the qualifications that you possess. Choose at least 8 skills that you have and that are most sought after by employers.

Step 2: Add a Summary of Skills to Your Resume

Add the keywords from your list to a Summary of Skills section at the top of your resume.

Here’s an example for an Executive Assistant:

Summary of Skills

  • Advanced Microsoft Office Skills including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Power Point.
  • 3+ years experience as an executive assistant for Fortune 500 executive.
  • Extensive experience in making travel arrangements, expense reporting and scheduling.

Step 3: Weave Keywords throughout your Resume

Also work the top keywords into the body of your resume, where relevant. For example, degree requirements would appear in your education section. Don’t worry about repeating the same keywords more than once. In fact, keyword frequency counts in many ATS’s so this can work in your favor.

When possible, use different forms of the same keyword to account for different search terms, including abbreviations and synonyms. So, if you reference your MBA also include the phrase Masters of Business Administration.

Adding the right keywords, will get you over the first hurdle of the job search and help you land the job that you want.


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