The Tough Get Going

Now that you’ve made it through the case of the Mundays and are braving for the snow tomorrow why not explore some job boards you may not have used yet: “Our experts pre-screen all jobs so they’re always $100K+” This reminds me of the short job matched e-mails that careerbuilder may send you.  The page is clean, easy to read and has real jobs from real companies, unlike all the junkier ones that unfortunately now has. This looks to be more of a social networking and experience building site. “Get exclusive member-only access to jobs, internships, and other opportunities—job shadows, informational interviews, webinars, networking connections, competitions and more.” This site reminds me a little of craigslist…

I hope these sites help expand your search but remember, looking for jobs is your current “job” so go out and do something interesting so as not to become an expert job searcher, then again…perhaps your next calling is to become a recruiter!  You never know when your next window of opportunity will open.


2 thoughts on “The Tough Get Going

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