So…what did you do today?

I think that’s a phrase all of us unemployed folk now dread.  What do you say?  Well…I woke up late, went to the gym, had breakfast, looked for jobs, had lunch, went out for a walk, had dinner and now I’m just watching some tv and looking for more jobs.

Not even six months ago I had a daily routine.  Wake up at 5:45, go to the gym, get home by 7, shower, make coffee and try to eat breakfast before work.  If it doesn’t work out, eat breakfast in your cube.  I would get my work done and then hope I had done my homework for my grad school classes and head into Boston to sit in class until 10pm.  Unfortunately, like many of you, I joined the unemployed pool.  Initially I was still extremely busy as I doubled up on my classes but now the time has come when all I do is pretty much outlined in the first paragraph.

I started writing a blog, and then began writing reviews on  As I get more and more restless I begin to think of new tasks but the one thought that constantly lingers is “why won’t anyone hire me???”  This blog is to hopefully humorously look at the life of the unemployed.  The trials and tribulations and all the things we do to keep ourselves occupied.

My answer to the above is: Today I decided to take a day off and go skiing, my number one favorite activity during the winter.  After all, job searching is a full-time job in and of itself and there really is only so much you can do.  So go ahead and take a day off!


3 thoughts on “So…what did you do today?

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