Short-Term Goals

So what if I have my own opinions about Hoda Kotb and Kathee Lee’s segment on the Today Show and if I know that if you are trying to lose weight you shouldn’t drink fruit smoothie’s all day, thank you Dr. Oz.  I still have my own short-term goals.  Here are two of my short-term goals. I won’t even mention job searching as that is a given, and the biggest priority, for everyone in this situation.

1. I refuse to eat away my problems and gain weight while I am unemployed! If there is one thing I have more than enough time for is exercise.  I have heard about way too many people just settling in and munching on whatever is around them while job searching.  Get to the gym! If not for keeping up a good appearance then to get yourself up and moving and getting those feel good hormones flowing!  I go to the gym on a daily basis, and start my day that way.  Ok, today I skipped it BUT the reason was that what I really wanted to do was some Pilates and my gym only offers it twice a week and today is not one of those days, so instead I did a half hour OnDemand session and feel better than I did before the exercise.  At least that way you can say, I accomplished something today because unless you got hired and all of your hard work of job searching paid off…I’m sorry but you haven’t really done anything special for yourself today.

I can’t afford a gym membership– There are SO many free ways of getting exercise in during the day. Granted, the weather is not ideal for jogging outside but The Liberty Hotel offers free work out Saturdays.  Thee workouts are usually run by fitness instructors from the Equinox gym who at the end give out a 3 days membership card you can use at one of their gyms.  There you go! Free gym membership.  Lululemon at the Prudential center offers free yoga classes on Saturdays and Sundays and I am positive that there are many other budget friendly opportunities, perhaps your local high school’s skating rink has open skating hours!

I can’t afford cable to do OnDemand workouts– Go online!  The majority of the exercises are on the OnDemand Exercise website.  Watch the exercises on your laptop and follow along.
I don’t have internet– NO problem!  Go to Target and look at a magazine such as Women’s Health and get some ideas for exercises you can do to home.  Or, go to your local library and take some copies of the exercise routines in the magazines that are available to you for free!

2. Make a healthy meal. Another thing I have a lot of time for is cooking.  I have more than enough cook books to pull out and try a new recipe from.  Eating healthy at home will not only be cheaper than going out for every meal but will also make you feel a lot better than having a burger off the dollar menu.  Keep the  food network on in the background and keep on job searching.

I can’t afford cable– That’s ok, a lot of us can’t.  Go on the foodnetwork website and get cooking!  You’ll feel like you have accomplished something, if your food comes out in the edible state and it will give you something to talk about with your friends and something to wow them with at the next party!
I don’t have internet– Go to a bookstore. You can either splurge and buy a cook book that is on sale or simply go in and browse a magazine for the latest recipes.

The point is, get out and do something new. Cooking and exercising may not be up your alley but if there is something you love doing I am positive that there is a budget friendly way of doing it.  Do you like museums?  The ICA has free entry on Thursdays after 5pm.  Maybe you enjoy going out with your girlfriends and dressing up but would enjoy doing it on a budget.  Well, you should join the hello stiletto shoe club!

And, apparently I’m not the only one thinking short-term. Here is another article on the same topic from AdAge.

Be positive and set some short-term goals for yourself!


13 thoughts on “Short-Term Goals

  1. Thanks, that is a very good contribution. I found it via Google and immediately incorporated into my feedreader. I am pleased to soon be back here to read again! greetings

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